To Learn

A Learning System should be more than a training tool. It should be something simple and easy to use. You don't have to learn to use what you must use to teach.

Intuitive Content Management
Corvus was designed so you can work quickly and intuitively. With shortcuts for common tasks, you can organize the learning modules and complete the administration of each course in terms of features, content and exams.

Study, Here,
There, Where
You Want

Thanks to the cloud, Corvus is available anywhere with an Internet connection. Works perfectly on any mobile or desktop device, your students can study in a library, in a coffee shop, waiting for the bus, or wherever.

Interacting with the graphical interface is rewarding
We emphasize every detail, including the modern graphical interface specially designed with a minimalist tendency, very subtle gradients, layers, and soft animations make the application a delight to use and transfer to the user a unique sensation of being before a tangible scenario.

and reports
of objectives

You can measure and quantify achievements, based on a series of pre-defined objectives, and you have the ability to generate executive reports based on a series of selectable statistical parameters. All this configured according to each course and organization.

Creation of Exams and Evaluations
You can create exams with simple and/or multiple selection questions, as well as open-ended questions. When a student performs an exam, the system is able to review each response automatically and record the evaluation of the exam. Then, student and teacher have the possibility to review the corresponding evaluation records, correct and incorrect answers, grades, etc.

Send messages

to the students

Connect with your students easily as you've always wanted to do, through the announcements tool that Corvus has available to you.


The notice remain on the student's tray until the student reads them, so you keep your group informed of all the news of the course, changes of test dates, etc.

You can monitor the learning process of your students, not only through their grades, but also checking the individual progress rate of the course, regarding the reading of documents, content seen and tests performed.


In this way it's possible to track the performance of each student in different stages of the learning process, measuring their results and evolution, being able to detect in time areas that need to be reinforced or courses that prove to be inadequate.

Supervision and Monitoring of Learning

Optimization of Training Processes

With Corvus, the entire training process is optimized, saving considerable time in managing your courses and supervising student learning, as well as better quantifying the development of each course and the effectiveness of its contents.


This is demonstrated even more in cases with a large number of users, having centrally controlled much of the administrative work for their management, such as student registrations and releases, publication of announcements, modification of information, visualization of results or statistics, etc.


With all of this, it's possible to bring large amounts of knowledge to an extensive audience, getting trained workers in a very short time and investing few resources.

Online Certificates

Corvus allows you to validate the courses over a certain period of time, so each certificate obtained can last for as long as you want, this is very useful with certifications oriented to companies, where it's mandatory to renew the certification of the training courses every year.